Signal 37 Curators working on star-struck movie posters

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The Curator: The Other Side of the Equation

0 Comments 19 January 2014

Curating is about telling a story through art. SASKIA DAVEY joins the Signal 37 curators for a behind-the-scenes look into the curatorial process as they tell the story of Signal 37. Signal 37 is renowned for its unparalleled creative programs for young people, ranging from street art and other visual arts to writing, music and […]

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Kate Geck at the Infinity+1 workshop, Signal 37, 2014.

Signal 37, Special Events

Signal 37: To Infinity+1

0 Comments 16 January 2014

Infinity + 1 is an experimental audio-visual project exploring textile design, basic electronics, video production and physical interaction. SASKIA DAVEY gets inspired by the program’s leaders, installation artists Kate Geck and Tara Pattenden. Infinity+1 is the most appropriate name for the awe-inspiring, intriguingly quirky program run during Signal 37 by installation artists Kate Geck and […]

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A screen shot from the Cyanide and Happiness animated short Spartacus.

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The Web(comic) Revolution

1 Comment 06 November 2013

The last decade has seen a revolution of sorts, the revolution of the internet. This trend as led to the success of now-huge companies such as Google, Facebook and Netflix. Naturally, we welcome the great new technology, and we use it in the most advantageous ways possible: watching Breaking Bad and sharing sepia-toned images of […]

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Flaunting Fashion at Milan Fashion Week 2013

0 Comments 25 October 2013

On a recent trip to Milan, SASKIA DAVEY discovered that the most coveted city for an aspiring fashion designer certainly adhered to its reputation during Fashion Week 2013. Amidst the hustle and bustle and mass congregations accumulating near the Duomo and large shop franchises, a series of smaller, more intimate streets entwined to lead us […]

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What is happening to Australian Music Festivals?

2 Comments 17 October 2013

Music festival – two words that have made promoters cringe and fans seethe in recent months. Cancellations, downsizing, line-up changes and venue instability have all combined to make 2013 a challenging year for the industry. GEORGE KOPELIS takes a look at why this is occurring, and what has gone so terribly wrong. To properly answer […]

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Can’t Stop the Serenity

0 Comments 10 September 2013

Fandoms are, by definition, very enthusiastic. Across the world, thousands of people contribute probably millions of hours to watching, reading, listening to, or otherwise consuming the things they like, and then even more time celebrating it. People talk about the things they like, draw pictures of characters, or write stories, songs or poems based on […]

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Riding The Sound Waves with Tim McGregor

0 Comments 10 September 2013

In search of a way for the vocally challenged to get a job in the music industry, SASKIA DAVEY meets Tim McGregor from entertainment promoters Dainty Group, the company behind bringing the likes of Eminem, Britney Spears, U2, Prince and Miley Cyrus to Australia. She learns that the job of promoter involves international travel and […]

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In the Lyons’ Den – An Interview with Zoe Lyons

0 Comments 27 August 2013

Zoe Lyons is a wonderful “pop-up comic” from England, who started out in 2003 after training as an actress at the Poor School in London. Earlier this year, she was in Australia for the Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow, touring a hilarious show for Australian audiences! JAKE FRANKLIN had the honour of speaking with Zoe about […]

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Peter Capaldi: The Next (spin) Doctor

0 Comments 10 August 2013

ANUSHKI DE CRUZE is a dedicated Whovian, albeit not quite dedicated enough to get up at 4am local time. Still, she sat down later in the day with the BBC’s new Doctor revelation episode. She gives us her thoughts on the whole wibbly wobbly, timey wimey progression. If you were a dedicated enough Whovian (unlike […]

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MIFF Next Gen Review: Approved For Adoption

0 Comments 06 August 2013

Approved for Adoption is a wonderfully crafted film telling the true story of a Korean boy adopted into a Belgian family. In his MIFF Next Gen review, BEN CARDWELL notes that its first screening left a crowded ACMI cinema murmuring in appreciation. Based on a comic book, Approved for Adoption tells the true story of […]

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