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0 Comments 12 September 2011

Free stuff is good most of the time, it is well known. I was in the city recently with a limited amount of money, so on sight of the concrete jungle that is Federation Square I thought it would be a decent idea to enjoy some entertainment at ACMI. Luckily for me, assorted 50-year old fish hooks were not on display; rather, a fascinating exhibition on the digital culture of the moving image.

There are key differences between Screen Worlds and an arcade. You probably won’t contract a burning headache and be driven to the point of insanity from constant high-pitch engines, punches and gun-shots piercing the air. Instead you will find yourself in an intriguing and highly interesting world of flashing screens with classic moments and events of the last two centuries. Plus it’s interactive, a feature I’m sure most will love.

Not unlike the media room at the State Library, the spot is perfect to get your game on, especially for the old-school aficionados. There is Pong, Space Invaders, Mario, Tomb Raider and many other famous video games which people like me have never experienced outside my computer. Some of the games are so old I just could not understand how to operate them, but it’s always a bit of fun mashin’ keys.

A significant aspect of Screen Worlds is the Australian contribution. In both the ‘Emergence’ and ‘Voices’ sections of the exhibition, the Australian identity shaped by the moving image is explored, influenced by the landscapes, characters and cultures of the nation. Also the arrival of film, television, videogames, the internet and more in Australia are tracked and the great history they have shared from Crocodile Dundee to Fat Pizza.

Perhaps the only downside of the exhibition is the explosion-in-your-face amount of things to see, making it very difficult to cover everything. Of course this is a very minor issue, technically a good one; it’s not just a quick stroll through, like an abstract art gallery to a six-year old.  A fair amount of time should be spent in this place to experience the full scope, and unlike galleries, there are comfy areas to lounge if the computer bugs get to your brain.

You might be wondering, ‘Author, the exhibition has been going since 2009’, which is the truth I know, but until I went to ACMI recently I had no clue there was such an exhibition currently in Melbourne. If you’re a tech fanatic or just have a general enjoyment of digital entertainment, I reckon you’re going to like it.

Open daily 10am - 6pm.

Screen Worlds Orientation Tour available Daily 11am and 2pm.

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