Monte Carlo

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Monte Carlo is a movie about mistaken identity, and Selena Gomez and Katie Cassidy clearly were suffering from the same thing. Their accents waver and Cassidy seems incredibly confused as to where her character is from, changing from Texan, to New York, and then back to Texan with every second word.

The film follows Emma (Katie Cassidy), Grace (Selena Gomez) and Meg (Leighton Meester) from a small town in Texas, to Paris, where Grace is mistaken for british heiress Cordelia. They are then forced into a limousine where the real adventure begins in Monte Carlo.

Although mildly entertaining the film lacks any real substance. The majority of the problems that arise are due to poor timing rather than any definitive conflicts and I found myself pointing out what was wrong with the movie, rather than actually watching.

Grace’s desire to find herself is one of the main themes of the movie, though the lack of character development starkly contradicts this. Rather than finding themselves, the three main characters find boys, and their quest for self-identity takes a backseat.

The movie can be simply described in one word: inconsistent. From accents to love-interests to storylines, it appears that the director tried to make the film unpredictable, although it just ended up irritating and unrealistic.

Monte Carlo is a movie of many flaws, though if you can see through these – and I assure you it’s hard to – it could be a mildly entertaining film.

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