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Brownlow Night 2011

0 Comments 30 September 2011

Other than taking the Charlie home, AFL’s most prestigious night – the Brownlow – brings with it great anticipation towards the arrivals of the WAGS on the blue carpet. Those who rose to the occasion in 2011 either shone quite brightly or looked like a disastrous mess. Many of them had a reputation to uphold including the likes of Lauren Phillips, Taylor Wilson and Rebecca Judd. Brynne Gordon-Edelsten, one of the latest additions to the Brownlow night, also brought expectations of her own.

Perhaps a little overdone, Erin Maxwell (Nick Maxwell’s wife) arrived in a glittered navy dress with a gold belt and straps designed by Julie Simonelli (above). The outfit was matched with a gold clutch, adding to the already overwhelming flashiness.

Lauren Poulter (Chris Newman) wore an Amaline Vitale gold gown. It had a low cut that revealed a suitable amount of skin and was long sleeved. The dress itself was less flashy than Maxwell’s and it was a good idea not to wear many accessories. Poulter chose to carry a silver clutch with it. Her overall image was quite sophisticated.

Travis Cloke’s partner, Bethany Taylor, wore a grey dress covered in lace with an upper body corset. The lace was a large part of the dress especially from the waist down, which made the dress look slightly messy. Taylor carried a clutch the same colour as her dress.

Renae Wauhop (Mark Nicoski) or better known as Renae from The Amazing Race went to completely new levels with different cuts upper and lower on her dress. Wauhop had a strange triangular thing going on up top and the material looked almost slimy, like snake skin. The dress was custom made by Ruth Tarvydas, an Australian designer who designed Rebecca Judd’s stunning red dress.

Lauren Phillips (Gary Ablett Jnr.) had everything going wrong for her. Known to always look amazing, Phillips arrived in a silver and white Nicola Finetti gown. The dark silver gave off a sci-fi feeling and combined with her hairstyle, made her look almost like Princess Leia from Star Wars. Her shoes were a different story however, a glittery blue, which didn’t look so bad.

Latest Brownlow medallist Dane Swan’s partner, Taylor Wilson, chose a black and nude lace gown from Helen Manuell. The gown was known to have won an award in Spring Fashion Week. It didn’t work well, at least for me. There was too much going on down low, especially with the large piece of black material sewn on. Although Wilson still looked great, the dress could not be considered as her best choice.

Now known as Rebecca Judd, the gorgeous model has always shone at previous Brownlow nights. Just months after giving birth, Judd appeared looking quite graceful in an Aurellio Costarella gown of the colour corn. Like last year, the gown had a corset but perhaps there were too many ruffles down below. The gown would’ve looked better in a different colour. Her choice of a silver clutch let her down a little bit, with it looking quite tacky.

Rouba Houli (Bacher Houli’s wife) attended the night looking very elegant in a black gown and a dark bronze Hijab. Houli looked gorgeous and it was great to see her keeping her faith. The colours she wore were matched with dark eye make up, creating a very exotic look.

Symone Demetriou, the wife of the chief executive officer of the AFL, looked stunning in her hot pink gown. The colour gave her a really youthful look, and the low cut halter neck complimented her well.

However, there were three WAGS who earned top marks. One of the favourites to win, Scott Pendlebury came with his partner Alex Davis who was dressed by Versace. Her dark blue dress had a unique geometric cut at the top and pockets just below the waist. It was slim and fitting, very simple, yet looked great on her:

Netballer Lauren Tscharke (Bryce Gibb) wore a very simple yet elegant gown made by local Victorian designer, Kadime Sulegman. Tscharke had an upper body corset, and just the right amount of detailing on her gown. The colours also worked really well and her clutch matched the outfit. She didn’t over accessorise, which allowed for the dress to be the centre of attention:

Best dress would have to be awarded to Jimmy Bartel’s partner, Nadia Coppolino. Donning an exquisite emerald gown designed by Julie Simonelli, the gorgeous WAG brought along the latest colours of the season. The colour of the gown worked great with her natural tan and the cut of the bust was perfect. Overall, her appearance was exceptional. She does look a lot like Beyonce though, doesn’t she?

Brynne Edelsten and her husband Geoffrey Edelsten turned heads with their large amount of bling and sparkles. Although still very glitzy, Brynne managed to tone down this year and pulled off a more modest look compared to last year’s piece. Having decided to change her outfit just two hours before the actual event, Brynne wore a cream dress with gold embroidery, and had a train attached at the back. Her overall look wasn’t as bad as last year’s.

There were many other amazing gowns and stunning WAGS on the blue carpet this year. Then there were those who crashed and failed. Which one do you think was best dressed?

Photo Source: Herald Sun

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