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3 Comments 10 January 2012

Having visited Topshop numerous times since its opening on Chapel St almost a month ago, I must admit that I am somewhat disappointed. Although stock changes rapidly and the size of the store is impressive the style of the clothes is repetitive. Full of cut t-shirts, ripped denim and skimpy dresses, only a few items display the classy nature of the clothes present in the London stores. Grunge fashion is an acquired taste and Melbourne’s Topshop is incredibly limited in its range of fashion.

There was one thing that I was impressed by in Topshop and that was the collection of swimwear. Although there is not a huge amount the styles are eye-catching, and the prices incredibly reasonable compared to the extravagant costs in other stores. My only suggestion is that if you see a pair you like, buy them as they disappear quickly.

Topshop has its merits, many things are likeable, yet only a scarce number are worth buying. The exotic nature that the stores held when they did not exist on our shores is gone, and now that it does some of the incentive to shop there is gone too. For the prices you have to pay, it would be better value and a better experience to shop elsewhere.

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  1. Shaad D'Souza says:

    Topman is great though.

  2. Steve says:

    Went to Topshop expecting some awesome mod clothes, got in, playing loud annoying music, clothes are generic to the max, total disappointment. Would love to see what Vince Noir thought of this place.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I definitely agree- went to Topshop expecting a range competitive to Zara, with the same level of sophistication but was quite disappointed to find extremely overpriced cropped tops and metal studded jewellery.

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