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The beauty of the craft market

0 Comments 12 December 2014

Many have heard of the classic “great success” story of a small or local business. Think small ideas, items and clothing that make the home just that little bit more individual. And where are most of these things found? In a little wonder known as the craft market.

Many artists have a great longing to have their artwork deeply appreciated and this can inspire many people to continue making their art. One of the largest groups of people visiting these craft markets is young people. They may be artists themselves, wanting to gain inspiration. Others may be looking for a great piece of clothing or a one-of-a-kind print. Some of the vendors might be there to sell a great idea they might have, such as a hand cream, soap or bag. Some people might just be a small business trying to get off the ground and many people involved in craft markets support one another in these endeavours. They might have a great idea and before they can start going big time, they need a spot to start. This is the same for the artists.

Many people have been stuck in the hole of not being able to find a present for a loved one. Many of the craft markets advertise themselves as the perfect place for presents all year round. Many of these people have to sift through many vendors, searching for a gift that not only isn’t too expensive, but is perfect for the recipient. The only real major drawback of the craft market is the sheer volume of stuff that is there, making it somewhat of an adventure to find the perfect thing. But the drawback is also the great thing about the craft market. The sheer volume of stuff makes it easy to pick and choose the perfect thing out of the mountain of things that could be all right. Think about the average shopping strip. A few stores, or if you’re talking about a shopping centre, a lot of stores. Big brands, somewhat bland items. A market has a different kind of atmosphere, with many of the smaller stores being run by their owner, as opposed to a simple employee. They often give you more time in their advice for the perfect gift from their wares. They are often able to tell you a little about the production process. And if they do not have the right thing for you, you can move onto the next stall and repeat the process. The most important thing is that the vendor or the artist knows that someone is at least interested in his or her work. It gives them the inspiration to continue producing their art or idea.

Inspiration and motivation is the perfect combination for any artist. Inspiration, motivation and interest give the artist the chance to make a profit, however small, from doing something they love. Interest can be tested at a craft market. If they sell a lot of one thing and not the other, they know there is not a large amount of interest in that particular product or artwork. It gives them the chance to practice and better their craft at something and even better, to profit from that chosen something. They might have something that could better the lives of the people around them or something that simply makes a home look that little bit more individual. They might not be doing any of those things. They might simply be practicing the artwork and style they love, not caring if it is a huge success, but simply doing what they love for a living. Of course, many people develop their little idea or artwork and turn it into their small business.

Any business has to start somewhere, as any business owner, large or small, knows. Many cannot afford to set up an official store, making a craft market the perfect place to start. Many of these craft markets do not stay in place for long, with some moving around the city and setting up at peak times of the year, like Christmas, for example. This small window of access to a peak period of times, with many other vendors and larger businesses doing the same thing can be nightmare for some, but the perfect opportunity for others. With everyone searching for the perfect gift at these peak times, if the product is individual enough, at least some people will buy it. If nothing else, that’s motivation. Motivation and inspiration, with a bit of interest, gets a business off the ground.

The craft market is essentially a big stew pot of ideas, with people stirring though trying to find the perfect thing to buy. An idea can rise to the top or sink to the bottom. People can do all the tests and surveys they like, but no test can replicate hundreds of people sifting through the many wares available, with some people settling on your item and others not. That’s the beauty of the craft market. It keeps an artist or business owner able to keep doing what they love doing and knowing that their artwork is accepted.

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