Hope for the Hopeless

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Art can be used as a form of giving a message, making us think and looking at different points of view. This artwork titled “Hopeless” is a bold political message.

This piece is inspired by an iconic image of “hope” used in the Obama 2008 elections. It shows an authoritarian image like 1984‘s Big Brother.

This all started a few months ago when a 4.5 metre tall poster was erected in Chippendale by the Sydney-based graphic designer Michael Agzarian and since then the image has been put up all around the country from Brisbane to Melbourne. Agzarian spent over $3000 dollars of his own money for this project. When asked why he did it by Fairfax Media he said “This is a government that is leaving a lot of people behind.” The poster cut-out is available free on and Agezarian has pushed the community to spread it around.

Tony Abbott’s name has been linked many things in recent months. Stopping the boats through unlawful ways, budgie smugglers and an strong opposition to gay marriage. So are the Australian people getting sick of him?

This image shows a powerful message to Prime Minister Tony Abbott that the website suggests reflects the feelings of countless Australians. The campaign has reached 10,000 likes on Facebook and thousands of posters put up around the country people seem to be backing Agzarian’s campaign. “The response so far has been staggering. It’s great to see people tweeting about it and taking selfies in front of it,” he said to Fairfax “The only negative feedback I’m getting is that Tony would never be seen wearing a red tie.”

The image sure is powerful but also has the message of political turmoil and hate and fear towards Tony Abbott may create political uncertainty.

What do you think of the image? Do you think these posters should be put up everywhere? Let me know in the comments.


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