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During this year’s Emerging Writers Festival, the young writers of the Signal Express will be recapping a variety of events so you can catch up (or refresh). Find out more about EWF on their website

Film buffs and aspiring producers alike would be familiar with the Australian Centre for the Moving Image – in the nerve-centre of Melbourne, ACMI’s wide-ranging collection of courses and exhibitions have allowed the centre to establish its presence as an iconic cultural. The centre’s free-to-attend Screen Worlds course provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for aspiring screenwriters and producers to share their ideas. By equipping attendants with essential abilities, the intensive, all-day program provides a unique platform for emerging writers to connect with one another, spitball ideas, and develop their creative voice. Author and editor Ronnie Scott fosters an accessible and open-minded environment to engage the group’s talents, marrying the creativity of attending students with the necessary structure of writing for the screen and helps to open the door to ‘real-world screenwriting.’

Through analysing the fine-tunings of pitching scripts, and all the factors that compose a ‘good story,’ Scott establishes all the general principles necessary to gather an audience. The primary components of an engaging pitch are incredibly simple: at its core, a pitch should establish the setting and be a direct invitation for the audience into the story. Further delving into the skills necessary to introduce a screenplay, Scott introduces us to a variety of pitch formats, allowing students to flex their creativity through developing clear and concise introductions to their stories.

Demonstrated by a variety of admirably conducted short films, we flesh out the skeletons of well-written screenplays to discover details common to every brilliant storyboard. Giving us insight to the inner-workings of the writer’s room, and providing students with an opportunity to collaborate and create stories in a team, producing a quality screenplay becomes more achievable than one could anticipate.

Establishing characters through effective characterisation and authentic dialogue proves to be a fascinating process. Characters crafted with both believability and complexity work to support the most engaging scripts, and Scott demonstrates just how to conduct this creative process.

Through essential advice and development of core abilities, Ronnie Scott cultivates an open and captivating environment, making quality screenwriting an achievable goal. ACMI’s Screen Worlds course was a high point of the EWF, accessible to experienced writers and aspiring film producers alike.

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