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Vincent Van Gogh. For a person who lived hundreds of years ago, he sure managed to have a huge impact on my life. No, I’m not an aspiring artist. So, what’s so special about Vincent? Well, it seems that at every stage in my life, Vincent Van Gogh has always managed to get in somewhere. This is probably because his artworks are so influential, they have managed to spread across a variety of fields, and have reincarnated themselves as songs, movies and television shows.

From my childish memories of “the man who cut off his ear” to the art exam which I completed today, Vincent is everywhere in my life. I don’t usually understand most artwork, but to me Vincent Van Gogh’s works are paintings that possess worlds of meaning. I think his works are actually quite cool. However, his art alone is not a strong enough force to compel me to write an article. I’m actually here to write about Doctor Who and Don McLean.

Have you seen the episode of Doctor Who where the Doctor (Matt Smith) and Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) go back in time just a few months before Vincent kills himself, and try to help him through his depression? It’s deeply emotional, and it holds a special place in my heart. Sci-fi; now we’re getting a bit more familiar. While we’re here, let’s discuss another passion of mine – 70s music!

The song by Don McLean, “Vincent“, is another touching tribute to Van Gogh. In the song, McLean speaks as though he actually knew Vincent. The tune is really beautiful, but the rhythmical and expressive lyrics just add a whole new dimension to this soulful tribute. I love this song; although it describes a troubled life, it is somehow soothing. Written and accompanied by Mr American Pie himself, it’s become something of a classic.

There have been many movies made about Van Gogh’s life as well. Movies like “The Yellow House” and “Vincent” are modern depictions of Van Gogh’s life. But putting all specifics aside, I suppose what I’m really trying to say is that you can imagine how large an influence this man is to artists and art lovers. Even non-artists like me have been exposed to his life and works through other sources. None of the movies mentioned above would have been made if it wasn’t for this man. I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this article. The fifth section of my art exam would not have existed. So, thanks Vincent. Thanks for giving songwriters like Don McLean something to write about. Thanks for keeping the BBC going. And thanks for the cool paintings.

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