Why Has No-one Heard of the Dave Clark Five?

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They rivalled The Beatles and now they’re gone. The band The Dave Clark Five were, in the 60s, what One Direction is today. Have you ever heard of them? I surely hadn’t, until earlier this year. Of course, I had known about The Beatles since Primary School. But even me, Queen of 60s music, was in shock when hearing of them and their overwhelming fame. I knew of other, more obscure bands from the 60s, but it seems that I had completely over looked what was a huge part of music at that time. This was as sacrilegious to me as overlooking The Beatles.

I first heard of the Dave Clark Five one afternoon when my parents were watching a documentary. As I sat in front of the TV, I was baffled by what I was seeing. Crowds cheering. Girls screaming. Stars such as Whoopi Goldberg saying how much the band meant to them. Huh? What in the world was this? I asked my parents, and both of them had fond memories of the Dave Clark Five, and were surprised to learn that I had never heard of them before. They both eventually put it down to the fact that I am “young”. That got me thinking. If I am into this kind of music, and even I hadn’t heard of this band, does anyone in my generation know them? Apparently not. The next day at school, I questioned some of my friends, and none of them had heard of the Dave Clark Five. “What is going on?” I thought. Of course, I didn’t bother asking if they knew The Beatles; that was a given. But how come they didn’t know the Dave Clark Five, a massive rival to the Beatles? How come no-one knew them?

To tell you the truth, I’m still working on an answer to that one. I just don’t understand; upon Googling the band, there is nothing relating to its sudden disappearance. Why did they just vanish? Maybe because, in the battle between them and The Beatles, The Beatles eventually won, and they were the band that carried through. Or, as my Mum suggested, maybe their music doesn’t relate to people nowadays, although I think that is a rather feeble excuse. Doesn’t that mean that The Beatles would be outdated too? There is simply no answer. That is why I am writing this article. To raise awareness as such, about the Dave Clark Five. The band who’s single “Glad all Over” knocked the Beatles’ “I Want to Hold Your Hand” off the UK charts, the band whose song “Over and Over” hit Number 1 on the UK Billboard Hot 100 charts, the band that played to sell-out crowds when it toured the US. This band was not just a runner against The Beatles; the entire race was comprised just of the two bands. The Beatles released their film “A Hard Day’s Night” in 1964, the Dave Clark Five responded with their film “Catch Us If You Can” in 1965. There was almost no-end to it. Well, actually, there was – when both bands broke up in the 1970s.

Despite the break-up, the members of The Beatles continued to produce music, whereas the members of the Dave Clark Five came to a screeching halt, with nothing further produced. Perhaps this was the difference between the bands. I just don’t know. But the next time you’re listening to a Beatles song, spare a moment’s thought to remember their fallen rival, the Dave Clark Five. They were a great band, and will continue to live on, through the memories of those alive at the time. And who knows? Maybe the Dave Clark Five will have the last laugh.

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