Alpine’s New Album ‘Yuck’ is Revoltingly Good

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When I saw Alpine perform live at the NGV, it was an extremely hot mid-summer day. I already felt like I was going to pass out, and I certainly wasn’t up to standing amidst a crowd of sweating bodies. This meant that for the most of the set I was sitting off to the side like the apathetic teen I hate to admit I sometimes am, and probably didn’t get to experience the show to its full effect. However, toward the end of the performance I secured a spot side of stage, and thank god I did because if I hadn’t I wouldn’t be able to make the connections I can between Alpine’s new album “Yuck” and the band’s oddly fascinating and intense performance style.

There’s one moment of that performance that really sticks out from my mind, and also kind of resonates with me as a music enthusiast – and it’s Phoebe Baker (one of Alpine’s female leads) bashing her tambourine against the stage’s railing so hard that some of its zils were lost in the process. I think it’s a rare, confronting and oddly placed occurrence when a tambourine is involved in hard-core thrashing (especially when said tambourine is being wielded by a member of an indie-pop group). When you think about it, as well as being just plain great, this action is really a credit to Alpine’s raw enthusiasm for the music they play. The tambourine smashing wasn’t even a one off display – all members of the band managed to be totally engrossed in their music, even in the humid and typically lethargy-inducing conditions.

This powerful enthusiasm translates effortlessly into Alpine’s new album ‘Yuck’. Full of highly pitched strumming, punchy synths, and prominent percussion – these songs have a very collaborative and layered feel to them. There’s a lot of onomatopoeia, and some of the tracks seem to loop sounds in order to give them a kind of pulsing sensuality. This makes the album kind of feel like it’s constantly building up to something, and leaves you itching to know what it is. The vocals are breathless and powerful, with lyrics somewhere between whimsical and realistic.

Alpine’s last album was released in 2012, and there’s definitely a sense of comeback interspersed throughout ‘Yuck.’ While some moments are nostalgic the songs seem as if they are firmly facing forward and upward.

Within one of my favourite songs from the album – ‘Jellyfish’– there’s a lyric that I think is very much in sync with the essence of this album: “I want to be alive, euphoric; stop beating myself up”. ‘Yuck’ is remorseless, gorgeously curated, and full of life. It’s an enchantingly vibrant set of songs, reverberating with evolution and discarded apologies.

Download Yuck at Alpine’s website.

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