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Music is intrinsically personal. We all listen to it, it claws its way into every part of our lives. Music is in our pockets, on pretty much every single device we own, even our phones. Its blaring in the club on a weekend night at, having your friends say ‘oh I love this song!’, coming through the tinny speakers on that bus you take to work every day. You probably have that moment, ‘that’ song. A song that takes you back to a moment in your life that is so powerful, the song transports you there with just one line. Postmodern Jukebox is that kind of music for me.

Postmodern Jukebox is a group of musicians, all brought together by one guy, Scott Bradlee, a talented pianist with success playing jazz in New York. Bradlee formed ‘Postmodern Jukebox’ a always changing group of musicians who covered the songs you would hear on the radio, but in the jazz, ragtime and swing styles. It was their Miley Cyrus ‘I can’t stop’ cover converted into a doo-wop song, that reached 13,555,318 views in September 2013. After this, Bradlee and his rotational musical group, now gaining huge popularity on Youtube and many news outlets, continued doing what they do best.

Currently, the group has covered over a hundred popular and classic songs. Ranging from Lorde’s “Royals”, One Direction songs, and classic Britney hits like ‘Oops!.. I did it again’ to The Jackson 5 and Green Day covers. Each cover is infused with Postmodern Jukebox’s unique magical talent, with signers ranging from the retro beauty Robyn Adele, to American Idol alums Haley Reinhart, a girl with a voice so smoky you are instantly transported back in time to a smoke filled bar in Paris, circa 1940’s, to the up and exploding pocket of soul Morgan James. They have done everything from 1959 ‘Grease’ style covers, to Marilyn Monroe inspired covers, and Motown style covers. Always including a range of musicians, and Scott in the corner on his piano, the singer centre stage, supported by occasional backup singers. The singer is always dressed to the style they are emulating, usually vintage garb, and a vignette is employed to make the video have a distinct ‘stepped back in time’ feel to it.

Some of the videos I adore are their tap dancing cover of ‘Straight Up’ by Paula Abdul, with a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers style cover, covered by Ashley Stroud. You can feel the passion in each video, the passion each singer has in their voices and in the magic they are producing. That is what makes Postmodern Jukebox so good to keep on coming back to. Ashley Stroud’s cutesy drawl draws in the listener, you can’t help but smile as she dances and sings her way around the little stage. Each video puts you straight back into a time that was such more classic, a time where sultry singers sang their hearts out in a smoky bar, while the crowd danced the Charleston.

Postmodern Jukebox allows the listener to transports themselves back to a time where music, actually had depth, talent, and class to it. Postmodern Jukebox are currently on an international tour, including their home country, America, and many parts of Europe. As a writer, music ignites the muse for me, when I go to create a world to play in, a smoky dark tavern to unfurl my characters in after a long day shaping their destinies, Postmodern Jukebox sends me straight where I need to go. After all, you need magic to create anything.

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