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I Kill – Giorgio Faletti

1 Comment 05 August 2011

I watch … I wait … I kill – the three horrifying statements on the cover of Giorgio Faletti’s debut novel make it obvious what’s in store.

Set in Monte Carlo, the story follows an investigation between FBI agent Frank Ottobre and Police Commissioner Nicolas Hulot in an attempt to discover the culprit behind the most gruesome and ongoing murders. Targeted are the rich and famous and, without fear, the murderer publicly announces his killings through a radio show each night. This thrilling Italian crime novel sets its readers on a course for sickening excitement as both Ottobre and Hulot try to track down a murderer with no sense of humanity. But it’s not only the killings that leave many cold with fear but what lies beneath the reason for which the actions are committed. The unexpected twist of who it is and their hidden secret is the reward for the long wait and in the end the results will are a real surprise.

Giorgio Faletti (an Italian writer, actor and songwriter) has succeeded in many ways with this first novel. His use of language not only captivates the reader’s attention but transports them into the scene that is playing out. There is no helping the repulsion inspired by the detailed descriptions in many parts of the novel. Faletti introduces the idea, perhaps unintentionally, of how the mind works after difficult sufferings and the lengths people will go to just to protect their own family.

Although it is a very long read, I Kill will definitely offer enjoyment for crime or horror lovers and the mysteries inside its pages will have readers enthusiastically involved.

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