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I Am God – Giorgio Faletti.

0 Comments 12 August 2011

A serial killer is on the loose. A dead body is found inside a decades-old building. A sudden explosion leaves the city of New York shaking in fear.

I Am God is Giorgio Faletti’s latest addition to the crime genre, where the events are played out in the busy city of New York and the key clue to solving a shocking mystery is just a letter. A letter which leads Detective Vivien Light and shamed photographer Russell Wade into a dangerous investigation, one that they never intended to ever come across. What they experience is much more than what any human being can handle.

Like Faletti’s debut novel, I Am God combines the most inhumane killings with shocking twists in the plot. However, his novel does involve clichés that are predictable right from the beginning. Readers can obviously see the partnership of the two characters as a start to a relationship that will later develop. And having the two protagonists suffering from traumatic pasts is just a way to maintain the reader’s sympathy towards them.

Nevertheless, Faletti shows his talents when introducing a variety of different characters, which at first causes slight confusion but eventually proves clever as each character plays a role in making the story what it is – different pieces of an entire puzzle. He also moves the story from an early period to a much more present time, yet is able to link the previous events to what is happening in the now. Finally, Faletti is still able to hold the element of surprise, the most effective aspect of the novel. What readers expect will be the eventual truth turns out to be far from it. Just before the end of the novel, he plants a horrifying surprise that wipes away all assumptions. It is this shocking truth which leaves I Am God ultimately satisfying.

Between the two, I Am God isn’t as excellent as his first novel (I Kill) but Faletti proves readers wrong with his exceptional ending. It is a thick read, once again, but is definitely worth it. Fans of crimes and mystery are sure to enjoy it but there is no guarantee of feeling fearless after reading it before bed, especially the ending. Watch out, he is a man who believes himself to be God …

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