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    I'm known for going on tangents about social justice, music, classic literature, and Ben & Jerry's ice cream. I dislike rude people, unnecessarily gendered products, and whoever coined the term "feminazi". I'm a strong believer in anything that makes cats happy. I’m also very easily distracte

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Riots of Passage

No Comments 20 July 2015

Backed by a bold lineage of old rockers and punk icons, Pussy Riot represent a hell of a lot more than adolescent rebellion. The feminist collective were catapulted into global prominence by 2012 demonstrations in Moscow’s Christ the Saviour Cathedral, seeking to protest Russia’s prejudiced political system and draw international attention to the plight of […]

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The Information AiWei(Wei)

No Comments 13 July 2015

It’s 9:04 in the morning, and Ai Weiwei is surfing the internet. On his desk sit several unfinished cups of coffee, alongside a stack of fuzzily detailed artworks – each of which could well be worth hundreds of thousands – that Ai has positioned under his elbow as an impromptu armrest. His perpetually arched brows lift even […]

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EWF – Writing for Screen Workshop

1 Comment 01 June 2015

During this year’s Emerging Writers Festival, the young writers of the Signal Express will be recapping a variety of events so you can catch up (or refresh). Find out more about EWF on their website.  Film buffs and aspiring producers alike would be familiar with the Australian Centre for the Moving Image – in the nerve-centre of Melbourne, ACMI’s […]

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EWF – Voiceworks 100th Issue Launch

No Comments 01 June 2015

During this year’s Emerging Writers Festival, the young writers of the Signal Express will be recapping a variety of events so you can catch up (or refresh). Find out more about EWF on their website.  My first encounter with a Voiceworks, a widely celebrated outlet for artistic musings and grunge-era existentialism, was a defining moment in my decision […]

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Just as Shakespeare would have liked it

No Comments 11 May 2015

The Bell Shakespeare Company presents a fantastical rendition of As You Like It, from 23rd April to 10th May 2015 at Fairfax Studio in Melbourne.  Wonderfully ridiculous and enchantingly spare, the Bell Shakespeare Company’s rendition of As You Like It is a high-powered burst of energy and unconditioned humanity. Paying homage to two very different […]

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It’s A Wrap!

No Comments 27 April 2015

The rap on Amy Poheler and the Parks and Recreation team is that they don’t so much write characters as they craft real-world people from their own ideas and experiences. Through this ethos, as well as excessive amounts of whipped-cream and waffles, Parks and Rec was born. Wholeheartedly earnest and packed with high-concept absurdity, the […]

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Music, Opinion

The F Word

No Comments 08 September 2014

“I’m not a feminist, but…” You’ve heard it before. Probably without thinking much of it. The disassociation from an age-old human rights movement that has to occur before a person announces their stance on gender equality. While they consider themselves to be an advocate for social justice, they would never want to be accused of […]

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Books & Words, Music

Jenny Valentish talks music, writing and adolescence with Carly Stone

No Comments 18 July 2014

Could you give us a quick summary of the novel? It’s set in the Australian music industry, mostly in Sydney, and it follows two teenage girls- they’re cousins, 17 years old, trying to get a record deal. Their aunt, who used to be a famous rock star in the 80’s, uses nepotism to get them […]

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140 characters or less: the explosion of the world’s fastest growing online empire

No Comments 18 July 2014

  Ah, Twitter. Home to some 645 million subpar comedians, wannabe celebrities, the infamous hashtag, and a few very confused avian enthusiasts. To any commuter on a Melbourne tram who has witnessed the hordes of passengers scrolling through their twitter feeds, the growing popularity of the social networking platform is pretty self-evident. These passengers are […]

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