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    I'm Maria Dunne, a chick who has been referred to saying "coolio" too much compared to the average teenager. I have a enjoy writing about music, film, food, video games and sharing my own point of view. My hobbies include reading, writing, quoting lines from movies, binge watching tv shows, going on Buzzfeed, preforming internal monologues and debating pointless hypothetical scenarios.

Articles by Maria Dunne:


Band T-Shirts – The History and the Experience

No Comments 07 July 2015

  I have three band t-shirts – one for The Ramones, Nirvana and The Beatles. I bought them at the market for $10 each and I was proud of them. I did not only look cool, I felt cool. It was a way I could express my love for these three bands. I got compliments […]

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Hope for the Hopeless

No Comments 15 June 2015

Art can be used as a form of giving a message, making us think and looking at different points of view. This artwork titled “Hopeless” is a bold political message. This piece is inspired by an iconic image of “hope” used in the Obama 2008 elections. It shows an authoritarian image like 1984‘s Big Brother. […]

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Interview with Karen Van Spall

No Comments 11 May 2015

Karen Van Spall is a mezzo soprano opera singer who has worked on many plays such as Dorabella (Così fan tutte) and Madame Butterfly. After spending time with different Opera companies she then did vocal tuition at the Brisbane Conservatorium Opera School and in London. Now she is an occasionally guest performer at companies such […]

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Opinion, Television

Historically Inaccurate

No Comments 17 April 2015

Does it really matter if historical fiction is a little bit fictional? Swash buckling heroes defeating the terrible and evil British. Using their brains and brawn, they seek out justice and morality. The Sons of Liberty is a fun interpretation of the American Revolution. It starts from the first sparks of the Revolution and how […]

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Music, Opinion

Katy’s Hot & Cold Visit

2 Comments 01 December 2014

Exam day. A stressful day in the Loreto school calendar. All the work you have done for the entire semester is proven by one 60 minute exam. During this time, the teenagers are forced to crawl into their pit of isolation, most commonly referred to as their bed room, and sit there staring at a […]

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Comedy, Film

The Bad Movie Challenge  

2 Comments 26 November 2014

I, Maria Dunne, challenge you, the readers of Signal Express, to watch a bad movie. Go on… try it! Every year, The Razzies honour the worst cinematic achievements.  The Razzies show the worst of the worst. We cringe at these movies terrible storylines and abhorrent dialogue sequences and yet, there’s something appealing about these really […]

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Music, Opinion

Should Celebrities Be Able To Name And Shame?

1 Comment 23 September 2014

A few days ago I had the pleasure to go to a Kanye West concert. I had the ultimate privilege to be able to sit and listen to one of his famous rants. He said: “Tonight I ain’t gonna say your name out loud but I better see them emails in the morning apologising. You […]

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Film, Opinion, Television

Live Hard, Die Hard

1 Comment 08 September 2014

Celebrities seem to have everything – wealth, power and popularity. But in a world where many of our favourite celebrities die we are left wondering, “Why do their perfect lives end with such bitter tragedies?” Does it ever strike you odd that so many celebrities die young? Think about it, have you ever heard of […]

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Film, Opinion, Television, Uncategorized

The Disney Empire

1 Comment 02 September 2014

During the National Board of Review dinner in January, Meryl Streep stated that Disney was a ‘gender bigot’ and a racist. This has caused controversy and has many people divided. The Walt Disney Company is one of the largest corporations in the world and a leading producer of animation films. It has created over 1000 […]

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