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    Hi I'm...wait you already know my name and you may remember me from such films as...oh right. Hi I'm Mary and I'm probably the worst person to use to as an example of an Asian. I can't do calculus and science if my life depended on it. I have a phD in procrastination at the University of Melbourne. I'm prime-time epitome of 'Miss Independent' and a multilingual speaking fluent English, Vietnamese and sarcasm sort of person. Well that was a mouthful. I spend most of my leisure time digging up things that are underrated and sharing them with people. I bury my face in books and lean back to watch films but also snap shots for a living. That's the life right? I sure hope so.

Articles by Mary Nguyen:


Transformers 3 – Darkest Side?

2 Comments 26 July 2011

“You’ll never stop at one!” Optimus Prime yelled as he battled Megatron in the second Transformers film. He was right. Yet once again Bay has failed to match the level of exhilarating entertainment the first film was for the rest of us. This is an excruciatingly long 157 mins of the most inanimate acting from all characters. […]

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Final fifteen minutes of fame for Facebook?

2 Comments 15 July 2011

Prior to Facebook, social networking websites were relatively small communities. When Mark Zuckerberg decided to create a cyber world in his tiny dorm room at the prestigious college, Harvard University, little did he know that the rest of the world would be joining in the game. Seven years down the track, Facebook is now one of […]

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Opinion, Special Events

Australian Hip Hop Championships Melbourne 2011

No Comments 14 July 2011

The Australian Hip Hop Championships held earlier last week in Melbourne displayed talented blooming from youth as young as eight – not to mention the little boy Joshua who definitely caught the attention of the crowd throughout the afternoon. Competing at three different levels (juniors, varsity and open) the dance-off kept the judges’ jaws scraping […]

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules

No Comments 12 July 2011

Everyone goes through that stage in their life, whether you’re the eldest or the youngest sibling. Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 is a film about teenagers which (surprisingly) doesn’t involve sex, alcohol or drugs but is about the relationships between siblings. David Bowers, the director of Flushed Away and Astro Boy, is back with […]

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Phi and Me. Oh, and Diana Nguyen.

1 Comment 12 July 2011

Performed for the very first time at the 2011 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, these shows were a sell out. In fact, Diana and Fiona had to extend the season in order to please their Australian-Vietnamese loving fans. Down a quiet alleyway off Latrobe St is Guildford Lane Gallery where the shows were held. I was […]

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Books & Words

The Boat – Nam Le

No Comments 12 July 2011

“The Boat will take you everywhere.” In this case, places you’ve never been. Nam Le was born in Vietnam but grew up in Melbourne, Australia. Le’s debut novel The Boat leaves you contemplating that it’s certainly a long, emotive story about another asylum-seeking journey, yet shockingly surprises you with a collection of captivating stories. His […]

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