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Series Review – Tales of the Otori

No Comments 02 September 2014

If you’re one of the millions that idolise the Divergent series by Veronica Roth, or a faithful follower of The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Colins, which opened our eyes to a new world of tasteful Dystopian storytelling, or simply an avid book-o-phile whose nose is intent on snooping everyone’s favourite fives, then bingo, this […]

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Jenny Valentish talks music, writing and adolescence with Carly Stone

No Comments 18 July 2014

Could you give us a quick summary of the novel? It’s set in the Australian music industry, mostly in Sydney, and it follows two teenage girls- they’re cousins, 17 years old, trying to get a record deal. Their aunt, who used to be a famous rock star in the 80’s, uses nepotism to get them […]

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Signal 37: Sticky Stories

1 Comment 22 January 2014

The city is full of stories! GEORGE KOPELIS joins writer Matt Blackwood and the Sticky Stories crew as they undertake urban wanderings to identify where stories could be set, then write and present a whole series of stories set in these places. Did you know that Melbourne is a UNESCO City of Literature?  None of Sticky Stories’ […]

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A screen shot from the Cyanide and Happiness animated short Spartacus.

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The Web(comic) Revolution

1 Comment 06 November 2013

The last decade has seen a revolution of sorts, the revolution of the internet. This trend as led to the success of now-huge companies such as Google, Facebook and Netflix. Naturally, we welcome the great new technology, and we use it in the most advantageous ways possible: watching Breaking Bad and sharing sepia-toned images of […]

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Friday Night Fight: Young Adult vs. Adult

1 Comment 02 June 2013

“Gentlemen, I’d like you to shake hands and come out reading!”   And so begins the Friday Night Fight at the State Library of Victoria, a “Fight Club for Words”. Two teams of three writers are to duke it out for the grand prize of honour, glory, respect, adulation, and cheap plastic trophies before a […]

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Afternoon tea with Lili Wilkinson

No Comments 18 March 2013

Since publishing her first book in 2006, Lili Wilkinson hasn’t stopped. Her books include Scatterheart, The (Not Quite) Perfect Boyfriend, Angel Fish, Pink, A Pocketful of Eyes and Love Shy. During a Signal 37 teahouse chat she answered several questions from the Signal 37 curators about her writing life. ALEX KUA was there, taking notes. […]

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Luka Lesson

No Comments 29 January 2013

When we first meet Luka Lesson, he’s coaxing one of the youth poets in his care to rip out the pages of her notebook. This, he later explains, is part of the creative process: by spreading out the day’s work across the table she’ll be able to pick her best pieces. The act of shedding […]

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“Severed” Comic Book Review

No Comments 06 November 2012

My first ‘kill’ came when I was five years old. I still remember it rather clearly. The weight of the knife in my hands, the excitement of the kill, and the satisfaction of the corpse dropping to the ground all come to mind. Being that young, I didn’t exactly know what I was doing, but […]

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The Night Circus: A Review

1 Comment 24 October 2012

While flicking through the isles of my humble library, searching for something to read over the spring school holidays, a book caught my wandering eye. The title, The Night Circus, was emblazoned in silver on a black background. Intrigued, I pulled the book from the shelf and read the blurb – I was immediately spellbound. […]

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An Interview with Angela Meyer, blogger, writer and disliker of FourSquare

2 Comments 21 September 2012

Blogging seems a large part of what you do. How were you introduced to blogging? I was introduced to blogging pretty early on (I had a Live Journal account about ten years ago) but didn’t seriously consider it as a regular, themed practice until starting LiteraryMinded in 2007, around the same time I started writing […]

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