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Outfitted With Judgement

1 Comment 26 November 2014

Unfortunately, it seems that as humans we are naturally predisposed to be judgmental. No matter how much we may try to avoid this tendency, no matter how open minded we think we are – we still end up judging other people (and often ourselves as well). The point is that it’s not something we can […]

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Fashion: A Mind Of Its Own

2 Comments 02 September 2014

Fashion has individually defined us all. It is one of the few aspects of our lives that expresses such an extension of our personality that it has psychologically developed us to have different clothing likes and dislike based solely on our personality. It has such an incredible effect on onlookers to see different ways that […]

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Flaunting Fashion at Milan Fashion Week 2013

No Comments 25 October 2013

On a recent trip to Milan, SASKIA DAVEY discovered that the most coveted city for an aspiring fashion designer certainly adhered to its reputation during Fashion Week 2013. Amidst the hustle and bustle and mass congregations accumulating near the Duomo and large shop franchises, a series of smaller, more intimate streets entwined to lead us […]

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Kanga Kanga

1 Comment 07 July 2012

Whilst meandering through the intricate and indomitable streets and laneways that make up Melbourne you will most likely spy many small, cosy stores you might assume would serve a purpose for a very specific, or even segregated, audience. Nevertheless these inventories of obscure treasures can potentially be interesting and useful to a wide variety of […]

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3 Comments 10 January 2012

Having visited Topshop numerous times since its opening on Chapel St almost a month ago, I must admit that I am somewhat disappointed. Although stock changes rapidly and the size of the store is impressive the style of the clothes is repetitive. Full of cut t-shirts, ripped denim and skimpy dresses, only a few items […]

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Cowboys and Aliens

No Comments 26 September 2011

This film is the product of director John Favreau (Elf, Iron Man 1 & 2) letting his hair down and just doing something ridiculous. The sheer number of clichés in it is actually quite impressive and somehow it works. Based on the 2006 graphic novel of the same name, the plot goes something like this: […]

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Harry Potter’s two faces of fashion

3 Comments 16 July 2011

Emma Watson and Clemence Poesy are both dominant figures in the fashion world and both star in the movie adaptions of J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Watson has flourished from the eleven-year-old ‘know it all’ we first met as Hermione Granger to the muse of Burberry Prorsum and the face of Lancome. Poesy followed […]

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Vintage Shopping: RetroStar

No Comments 12 July 2011

The cringe that pulls across your face when you spy someone with the same outfit as you is becoming less and less common in cosmopolitan Melbourne. After having conversations with girls and guys across the city, the words ‘alt’ and ‘indie’ have come to replace ‘cool’ in the manner of describing a person, or to […]

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