Is social media and food a good combination?

1 Comment 14 December 2012

Food culture seems to be everywhere these days. It’s on our TV with shows like MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules; on our bookshelves with celebrity cookbook after cookbook; and on streets everywhere as restaurants, cafes and bars take over. However, there is now another force that promises to take the food culture we all know […]

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Supper Inn

1 Comment 21 June 2012

The bluestone alleyway of Celestial Avenue isn’t the utopia its title makes it out to be. A thick film of grime chokes every nook and cranny. At first glance, the image is lingering: from the greasy scum that mottles the yellowed shower-glass windows to the ashen tobacco and tire dirt which clings to its feet, […]

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Food, Opinion


1 Comment 01 February 2012

At Pellegrini’s on Bourke St the Italian food is good, but if it’s an authentic and frivolous atmosphere you’re after there is no place better. Set up like an old school diner-style restaurant with wooden benches and vinyl stools, from anywhere in the room you can see and taste what makes this restaurant one of […]

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