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Brownlow Night 2011

No Comments 30 September 2011

Other than taking the Charlie home, AFL’s most prestigious night – the Brownlow – brings with it great anticipation towards the arrivals of the WAGS on the blue carpet. Those who rose to the occasion in 2011 either shone quite brightly or looked like a disastrous mess. Many of them had a reputation to uphold […]

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Resistance 3

No Comments 30 September 2011

From galaxy-crossing fuzzy-eared aliens to gritty American soldiers, Insomniac (developers of the Resistance series) have had an interesting journey. Starting with the early Spyro the Dragon titles, they went on to become one of Sony’s favorites after creating the Ratchet and Clank series. But then they abandoned their kiddy beginnings and created Resistance, one of […]

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Cowboys and Aliens

No Comments 26 September 2011

This film is the product of director John Favreau (Elf, Iron Man 1 & 2) letting his hair down and just doing something ridiculous. The sheer number of clichés in it is actually quite impressive and somehow it works. Based on the 2006 graphic novel of the same name, the plot goes something like this: […]

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Monte Carlo

No Comments 26 September 2011

Monte Carlo is a movie about mistaken identity, and Selena Gomez and Katie Cassidy clearly were suffering from the same thing. Their accents waver and Cassidy seems incredibly confused as to where her character is from, changing from Texan, to New York, and then back to Texan with every second word. The film follows Emma […]

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Jane Eyre

1 Comment 26 September 2011

Conquering the behemoth task of staying true to Charlotte Bronte’s original text, Cary Fukunaga’s adaptation of Jane Eyre is a rare beast: a period drama which isn’t totally, insufferably dull. Jane Eyre (Mia Wasikowska) is a young girl who escapes from the clutches of her abusive aunt and finds a home in Thornfield Hall, where […]

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Gramatik – Beatz & Pieces Vol. 1

2 Comments 25 September 2011

Flow. The underlying factor of a great beat. Whether it is 5 minutes long or five hours, the right mix can take control, resulting in an involuntary head bang or foot tap. The easy-going hip-hop beats of Beatz & Pieces Vol. 1 hit the spot on just about every track; the flow, ever-present. Gramatik is […]

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The Don-o-Meter

4 Comments 12 September 2011

It is sometime just after midday in Melbourne’s mystical city. Office workers are pouring out of the buildings with one thing on their mind: lunch. It just so happens that I very much have the same idea and one little joint is my destination. It’s called Don-Don (don is an abbreviation in Japanese for donburi […]

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Screen Worlds

No Comments 12 September 2011

Free stuff is good most of the time, it is well known. I was in the city recently with a limited amount of money, so on sight of the concrete jungle that is Federation Square I thought it would be a decent idea to enjoy some entertainment at ACMI. Luckily for me, assorted 50-year old […]

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The Terrible Twos

1 Comment 12 September 2011

It seems to be all Hollywood churns out these days: the sequel. When one hears of a certain follow-up to a somewhat successful film, the usual reaction is one of two: a vague expression of interest or a moan of “not another one!” And while many films have hooked fans no matter how many they […]

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The Falls Art & Music Festival

No Comments 07 September 2011

Now in its 19th year, The Falls Art & Music Festival only gets better. From the 28th of December to 1st January in Lorne, Victoria and the 29th to the 1st in Marion Bay, Tasmania, these two destinations simultaneously invite people from far and wide to a couple of days packed with good weather, great […]

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