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Fantome Island

No Comments 19 July 2012

Throughout history countries across the globe have perpetrated many human atrocities in response to the rise of immigration and its attendant, perceived, threat of damaging the “pure race” that existed prior to multiculturalism. Events stemming from racial scapegoating and religious persecution are today widely recognised and acknowledged as regretful times in a nation’s history; looking […]

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The Uneducated – a Macbeth Review

No Comments 15 July 2012

Before two o’clock this afternoon, all I knew about Macbeth was that the name is taboo in theatres and that, sometime during its length, some guy starts talking to a skull. Okay, so the by the end I not only knew that Macbeth is not the Shakespearean play involving a skull (that’s Hamlet, according to […]

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Kanga Kanga

1 Comment 07 July 2012

Whilst meandering through the intricate and indomitable streets and laneways that make up Melbourne you will most likely spy many small, cosy stores you might assume would serve a purpose for a very specific, or even segregated, audience. Nevertheless these inventories of obscure treasures can potentially be interesting and useful to a wide variety of […]

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Pure Sound: The Guyto Monks of Tibet – A Review

No Comments 03 July 2012

John Doggett-William’s documentary Pure Sound, on the lives of the Guyto Monks in their Dharmasala monastery in Northern India, provides viewers with an insight into the beliefs, values and culture of a group of people that many may not otherwise know of, and captures a glimpse into the livelihood of the seemingly mysterious and arguably fascinating spirit […]

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