Sayonara: Android-Human Theatre

No Comments 27 August 2012

Sayonara is a theatrical performance that aims to alter the perception of human-android interaction. In other words: what our future as a human race holds in store for us and how we, ourselves, function. When it comes to reviewing theatre I have next to no knowledge on the subject, so I’m going to review it […]

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Big Scary’s Jo Syme Talks To Signal Express

1 Comment 25 August 2012

The drummer of arguably Melbourne’s most exciting act, Big Scary, chats at length With Alex Gleeson about her love for music, Kanye, Triple J Unearthed and the future for Big Scary. How did Big Scary come to be? In 2006 Tom was looking to put together a full band. He went to school with a […]

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Bully: my voice is not going to go silent

No Comments 21 August 2012

A familiar feeling I hadn’t felt since I was ten years old revisited my stomach at the Melbourne International Film Festival, as I looked into the eyes of a 12-year-old boy onscreen, questioning to his mother: “If you say these people aren’t my friends then what friends do I have?” It’s the feeling when you […]

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Kate Miller-Heidke: Nightflight Review

No Comments 06 August 2012

Flying high above the clouds, Filled with stories that are sound, Before you know it, Your hour-long Expedition, Has been turned into a Day-Tripper, That has you falling for the songs Again, Again, and Again. For this is no plain double album, No, for it is filled with suit-wearing devils, Colliding burning metals, And love […]

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