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Afternoon tea with Lili Wilkinson

No Comments 18 March 2013

Since publishing her first book in 2006, Lili Wilkinson hasn’t stopped. Her books include Scatterheart, The (Not Quite) Perfect Boyfriend, Angel Fish, Pink, A Pocketful of Eyes and Love Shy. During a Signal 37 teahouse chat she answered several questions from the Signal 37 curators about her writing life. ALEX KUA was there, taking notes. […]

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Lincoln: The Spielberg Constitution

No Comments 05 March 2013

Think of Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln as an extremely high-budget history lesson, says ELLIOT SEIDEL. 1. Thou shall be ridiculously patriotic. One of the first things you’ll notice about Steven Spielberg’s new film Lincoln is just how extremely patriotic the whole piece is. Upon even reading the official synopsis of a bio-pic about the abolition of […]

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