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Flaunting Fashion at Milan Fashion Week 2013

No Comments 25 October 2013

On a recent trip to Milan, SASKIA DAVEY discovered that the most coveted city for an aspiring fashion designer certainly adhered to its reputation during Fashion Week 2013. Amidst the hustle and bustle and mass congregations accumulating near the Duomo and large shop franchises, a series of smaller, more intimate streets entwined to lead us […]

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What is happening to Australian Music Festivals?

2 Comments 17 October 2013

Music festival – two words that have made promoters cringe and fans seethe in recent months. Cancellations, downsizing, line-up changes and venue instability have all combined to make 2013 a challenging year for the industry. GEORGE KOPELIS takes a look at why this is occurring, and what has gone so terribly wrong. To properly answer […]

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